Hi! Welcome to Alleycats Woodcraft

Alleycats Woodcraft is a handmade charcuterie and cutting board shop in Kernersville, North Carolina. I am Alicia, the designer, and builder, along with the three alleycats, Scooby, Wilma, and Josie. Although they don’t really help, they are cute.

You will find a great selection of designs and sizes of superior quality cutting boards made with locally supplied hardwoods: cherry, hard maple, and black walnut. The charcuterie boards are all beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces your friends and family will want for themselves. If you have an idea for something you don’t see, I do custom orders and would love to bring your ideas to life.

Custom Logo Branding

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Special Add-Ons

Additional design elements for the cutting boards are available from handles and edging to juice grooves and lazy Susans. These are easily selected after the design and size are chosen.